Advanced Document Sciences


Advanced Document Sciences has been a trail-blazer in auto-categorization for enterprise applications since 1997. Our innovative development of techniques, methods, and skills combined with our knowledge of advanced tools can provide advanced and highly effective auto-categorization in a variety of applications. Our approach provides an optimal blend of text mining tools and methods with the right amount of human input to make us the leader in auto-categorization design and application.
We have successfully applied our expertise in auto-categorization for some of the largest corporations and government organizations in the world. We frequently conduct workshops and give conference presentations in areas of text analysis, auto-categorization, taxonomy design, and global-scale enterprise architectures for more than a decade.


Some of our Taxonomy
and Auto-Categorization Projects
Major Oil and Gas Companies
Oil Field Services
Subsea Engineering
Chemical Manufacturing
Research and Development
Branches of the U.S. Military
and many more