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Enterprise Search

Modern enterprise search engines are sophisticated and complex. There are many options that need to be considered in order to deliver a high quality implementation, and your search engine needs to be set up in a way that will provide results that are relevant to user needs. Using our Advanced Information Access methodology, we can optimize your enterprise search capability in a way that matches user needs, and provides far more relevant and concise results. We carefully design the information security aspects of enterprise search so that sensitive information is readily available, but only to those that has the rights to access it. By applying group and role-level access control to enterprise search, we create an environment in which users gain faster access to the content that they need and is more relevant to their work without the clutter and noise of typical search results.
Enterprise SearchAs a part of our Advanced Information Access methodology, optimized enterprise search can be implemented in harmony with linguistic analysis, fact extraction, vocabulary expansion, topic browsing, and auto-categorization to present high-quality information from very large volumes of disorganized, unstructured content. Advanced Information Access makes it easy for end users to get the information they need in a concise, contextually appropriate, and secure manner.

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