Advanced Document Sciences

Text Mining and Analytics

Text analytics expertise is at the core of our solution and taxonomy designs for enterprise content and information management, knowledge management, auto-categorization and application automation. We also apply these technologies and techniques to expertise location, social network analysis, trend identification and analysis, information recommendation, and summarization of textual content.
The use of text analytics for information mining allows identification and exploitation of previously unknown or non-obvious relationships in information and content. Through intelligently applied analytic tools and practices, text mining identifies new, high value information, relationships, and combinations of information.
Some of the areas in which Advanced Document Sciences applies text mining include:
Identification of knowledge, information, relationships
Development of new techniques and processes
Acceleration of research and product development
Competitive intelligence and situational analysis
Decision support
Scientific discoveries
Sentiment Analysis
Identification of important, actionable intelligence
Information routing
Information architecture design
Content metadata design
Taxonomy design
Advanced Document Sciences is a recognized leader in the field of text analysis. We have worked with many different text analysis technologies and tools since 1993. Let us use our experience and expertise to help design valuable solutions for your organization.

Text Analytics Tools
and Techniques:

Entity extraction
Automatic summary creation
Sentiment identification and extraction
Content enrichment
Enterprise search enhancement
Enterprise search integration with taxonomy browsing
Vocabulary design and term identification
Integration of structured and unstructured data